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Al Manzah al Kabir

The plateau Shoul which includes Sequence V, called Al Menzah Al Kabir is emerging on the high end of the Bouregreg Valley. Dug by the erosion which traces the course from the dam river -Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah- to the plain of Oulja, this tray is more oriented towards the dam lake than to Sequences III and IV.

The unobstructed views from the edge of the plateau, and proximity to the interchange of the third ring road and the motorway bypass Rabat-Salé – whose official works began in February 2011 – create an attractive justifying the creation of an activity that the program remains to be determined.

Sequence Al Menzah Al Kabir is being studied. Its requirements are closely related to the programming of the highway, site preparation and implementation of the primary road network in the area.