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The sequence of the estuary downstream of the bridge Moulay Hassan, is one of the best known and most popular parts of the valley. Situated between the two medinas, and bordered by prestigious sites such as the Qasbah Or dayas or the tomb of Sidi Ben Asher, it has a very important landscape potential, which was intended to become the real center of entertainment and leisure for the population of both cities and an important business area for tourists.

The overall development plan proposes to confirm its main vocation of animation and entertainment with a program to make it more welcoming to visitors, both to beautify urban sites and to highlight historical monuments.

The entire sequence is characterized by a careful and ongoing development of space, giving this part of the valley a lively park atmosphere with cultural and economic activities. The heights will be limited everywhere to keep all the readability of silhouettes urbanized trays on both sides.

Since the launch of work on this sequence, the Bouregreg Agency carried out water projects, improved mobility between the two cities thanks to the new bridge Hassan II, the Oudayas tunnel and a Tramway commissioning connecting the two cities over a length of 20 km. Other projects not least has been made and contribute to the protection of the site environment, the memory of the place but also to the promotion of culture and leisure within the city.