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Board of directors

The Agency for the Development of the Bouregreg Valley is administered by a Board of Directors composed of representatives of the Administration, the presidents of prefectural advice of Rabat-Salé, the Communal Councils and other Chambers of Industry and Crafts within the territorial jurisdiction of the Agency.
The Board meets at least twice a year (before June 30 to stop the summary statements of the financial year, and before 15 October to consider and adopt the budget and the provisional program for the following year). It also decides on the creation of any committee which it determines the composition and functioning and to which it can delegate some of its powers and functions.
The Board of Directors may delegate special powers to the Director General of the Agency for determined Business Regulation.

The General director

The Agency is headed by a Director General who carries out the decisions of the Board and committees established by it. It manages the Agency and acts on its behalf; it manages all services and coordinate their activities.
The General Manager stops the program of technical and financial operations, decides the budget and funding arrangements of the work programs, takes a part in any company to create and in the transfer or the extension of financial holdings.
He sets the status of the staff, develops the plan of the Agency and defines the regulation on procurement methods.
The CEO represents the Agency via the state and via any public or private administration and any third part, and makes all conservatory acts. He also represents justice and may initiate any legal action intended to protect the interests of the Agency but must, however, notify the Chairman of the Board of Directors.


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