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The Agency Bouregreg puts social action at the heart of its development program which aims to rehabilitate the site for the welfare of citizens and promote the various existing businesses in the valley.
In its approach, the Agency takes into account the demographic, social and economic dimensions of the populations concerned, to ensure the balance between supply and needs. The actions implemented are complemented by measures of economic, social and psychological support, for effective improvement of living conditions of the beneficiaries.
Since the launch of the development works of the Bouregreg Valley, various social activities were carried out by the Agency of Bouregreg to improve the living conditions of disadvantaged groups and promote the main existing business in the valley, including:

• The construction of a new grain market at the entrance of Rabat;
• The completion of a new equipped and furnished fishing port in order to upgrade the activities of fishermen and guarantee the continuity of fishing activities on the site;
• Social support and compensation for the crossing barcassiers Rabat-Sale, and this until the end of works; and provide them with new modern boats;
• The eradication of slums in the medina of Rabat (Mellah and Fondouks);
• The relocation, compensation and social support for households Jdid Douar, the Rabat-Salé tramway maintenance center site;
• The relocation and compensation for households of Cardona place which faces Bab Lamrissa because of Pont Hassan II’s work;
• The implementation of a restructuring plan to the City of Potters of Oulja, in partnership with the Delegation of the Craft.