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The fishing port

The realization of a fishing port at the mouth of Bouregreg aims to organize Fishworkers trades(ship owners, fishermen and fishmongers) around adequate basic infrastructure to ensure better integration of fishing activities and a positive socioeconomic impact. The completion of this work is part of a tripartite partnership between the Agency of Bouregreg, the Department of Fisheries and the National Office of Fisheries (ONP).
The fishing port is located behind the North dike (Sale), at the mouth of the river. It consists of a pool of nearly one hectare isolated from the ocean by an outer breakwater and has internal access channel protected by a breakwater and a sand spike stop. The fishing port is equipped to accommodate more than a hundred fishing boats.
An agreement under which the Agency will ensure the construction of port infrastructure was signed in 2008 and superstructures (administration, fish market, boxes for fishermen to local fishmongers, etc …) should be carried out by the Department of Fisheries and funded by the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC).
Construction operations of fishing port facilities were completed at the end of the first quarter 2008. In the second quarter 2008, the development works in the animation area were made before the start of the superstructures handled by the ONP as part of its national implementation program of arranging landing points.
The cost of the construction of the port infrastructure, as well as its entertainment area is 105 Million DHS.


The agency for the development of the Bouregreg valley proceeded to maintenance dredging of the mouth and the channel of the Bouregreg river.
Thus the low tide varies from -5 at the mouth to -3 along the channel offering the pleasure boats and the fishing professionals the right conditions for good navigability.