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Sahrij El Oued

Sequence IV Sahrij Al Oued is located on the upstream part of the valley, which has high scenic quality of the landscape. This plain, with an area of ​​1055 ha, will remain largely agricultural.

Indeed, in this area, the valley widens and immediately reveals a fertile alluvial plain (Oulja). However, the eastern part could accommodate equipment and residential programs. The realization of these facilities will depend on the remodeling and backfilling of certain lands, the establishment of servicing infrastructures and realization of the primary road network in the area.

The first objective is to develop both the agricultural landscape and the eco – tourism potential of this site because of the important biological and ecological benefits it presents. Programming the Sequence IV also provides for the construction of a residential golf. This development must be thought so perfectly so that it could be integrated into the landscape without harming the views of this exceptional site (including blocks and niches).