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Sequence III, known as Kasbat Abi Raqraq, is located in the upstream part of the valley between the ONCF Bridge and the motorway ring road. In this area, the river shapes a large flood plain of 2280 ha at the foot of steep slopes of Salé.

The projected development on the idea that if this area remains “empty” in the heart of the town, it can not be effectively defended against the increasing disorder resulting from the urban pressure on margins. therefore it must be given a positive value, strong image and make a generator place of wealth.

The development of this sector will reorganize the movement in the valley with the creation of the road of the crossing and the “parkway” at the foot of the cliffs. A major urban piece is designed at a sufficient distance to allow to preserve a view of the plain made up of horizontal lines and formed of the wetland, the river, the agricultural plain and horizon hills. A wide body of water will enhance this area; it will be part of the agricultural plot and will host a garden island on which will be built a cultural facility.