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Ten years after the launch of the renewal works of the Bouregreg valley, the landscape of the mouth of Bouregreg has experienced a deep metamorphosis. On one hand, we find the renewal of the new quays of Rabat that lead right to the Oudayas tunnel, and on the other side, we have Bouregreg Marina and the city of Bab Al Bahr whose work is progressing rapidly.

All these achievements and other ongoing are transforming visibly, this interstitial space between the twin cities; Rabat and Salé.

Nowadays, the valley visitors can not prevent themeselves contemplating the majestic Hassan II bridge, which redraws the configuration of the crossing from one bank to another, and the Rabat-Salé tramway that crosses the main streets of the agglomeration. The latter which provides the capital of the Kingdom with a modern and an environmentally friendly mode of transport , is a source of pride for all citizens.

First in a series of planned marinas, Marina Bouregreg has now become the norm for boaters from the north of the Mediterranean and is in many calendars as a must for the Atlantic crossing.

In addition, and while waiting for the launching of the third sequence of the renewal of the Bouregreg Valley, a major real estate project is ercting gradually, halfway Rabat and Salé and named marina morocco . This new urban center is intended to revitalize the urban area of the capital and to support the tourism development of the twin cities, till now separated by a rich, and a natural river edge.

Lemghari Essakl
Managing Director
Bouregreg Valley renewal Agency