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Tramway network extensions

The Rabat-Salé tramway is now, after more than 5 years of operation, a urban key in public transportation that responds adequately to the growing demand for travel in the Agglomeration of Rabat-Salé. It turned out to be a transit solution for mass movements on the structural axes of the city.

The current network of 2 lines, grows over 20 km, and carries 110,000 passengers a day, a total of 133 million passengers since its commissioning in 2011.

Revenues from sale of tickets this year reached 127 Million Dhs TTC.

By joining the two banks, the tram has strengthened social cohesion between the inhabitants of Salé and Rabat and has established itself as a sustainable mobility solution.
• The rate of availability of trains on the network is 97%.
• The low fraud rate, which has averaged 1.12%.
• The accident rate of 0.51, in 10 000 km, lower from the last 3 years.
• 54% of travelers are women and 46% men.
• The number of active subscribers per month reached 17,000, from which 50% are students
• 64% of travelers have at least one vehicle.

To continue the dynamics initiated in the capital of the Kingdom and meet the growing demand for mobility, the STRS, validated in May 2014 an expansion program in several phases of the network, for a total of about 29 km on the additional period of 2016-2022.

RABAT (14.3 km)
• Hay Yacoub Al Mansour extension / Route: 2.3 km / Number of stations: 4
• Hay Riad extension (B1 or B2) / Route: 5 km / Number of stations: 10
• Hay El Menzeh – Hay el Massira Extension / Route: 4.5 km / Number of stations: 7
• Access to the future TGV station ONCF – Agdal / Route: 2.5 km / Number of stations: 2

SALE (9.6 km)
• Hay Moulay Ismail and Al Quaria Extension / Route: 4.6 km / Number of stations: 9
• Sala Al Jadida Extension / Route: 5 km / Number of stations: 8

TEMARA (5 km)
• Temara Extension / Route: 5 km / Number of stations: 5

With extensions, the tram will affect a population of around 560,000 inhabitants.
Estimated budget: 5.6 billion DHS TTC