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Bouregreg Marina

Bouregreg Marina is located at the mouth of the Bouregreg River, on the shore of Salé. Sheltered from the Atlantic waves, it is lined with prestigious historical sites, like the esplanade of the Hassan Tower or the picturesque Chellah necropolis which has seen many Mediterranean civilizations. Inland marina can now accommodate up to 240 boats from 6 to 30 m, with a draft of 2 to 4 meters. It aims to become a “must” for sailors on their way to West Africa, to the Caribbean or to North American shores.

Bouregreg Marina has been operational since March 2008. It has the most modern equipment. His current area is 4.2 hectares for the pool and 4 hectares for the medians. An extension of the basin is planned; Marina will then accommodate up to 100 additional rings. With the completion of real estate project of Bab Al Bahr, the marina will eventually lined by restaurants, entertainment and recreation areas, as well as residential and hotel fronts.

The Bouregreg Marina company, a subsidiary of the Agency of Bouregreg, is responsible for the management and the exploitation of the recreational area of ​​the river mouth.

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