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Bouregreg nursery layout and equipping

The nursery includes a number of activities which includes : shrubs magnification and producing to meet part of the needs of the AAVB; trees, palm trees and transplanted subjects potting and maintenance in the projects of AAVB; Oulja landfill maintenance and development.

Gardening training school

Gardening training school project is the result of a partnership between the Agency and the Foundation of Islamic Culture (Spain). The school is an obvious response to the lack of skilled labor needed for the creation and maintenance of green spaces; it is intended for capacity empowerment of people experiencing hardship and social exclusion. The school’s location is expected on the quarry site adjacent to the discharge of Oulja.

For a long time, Oulja discharge has conveyed a negative image in particular that of a source of pollution for the environment. Since the completion of the rehabilitation work, the Agency aims to make out of this symbolic site a crossroad where meet projects and initiatives dedicated to education, awareness, respect for the environment and sustainable development . The school also houses a horticultural production unit for the practical part of the training.

Ultimately, this unit will be able to generate revenue through the sale of plants contributing to the sustainability of the project. The school is eventually destined to become an educational, cultural and tourism space which is distinguished by its architecture and landscape design. Its objective is to contribute to the creation of public spaces, meeting places allowing the values of sharing, tolerance …