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Bouregreg Valley is distinguished by the high quality of its urban and rural landscapes. It’s both : the lung of the metropolitan area of Rabat-Salé and the central space that brings together major regional green areas into a coherent whole.
Marginalized for a long time, the valley was gradually transformed into an illegal landfill, a solid waste, wastewater discharges and leachate into the waters of the river, unregulated exploitation of quarries for extraction of construction materials, degradation of forests, uncontrolled urbanization , etc.
In its integrated approach, the Agency of Bouregreg has a special interest in the preservation of the ecosystem and the protection and enhancement of the natural landscape of the valley.
Priority is given to the pollution of the valley and the river, the rehabilitation and the reforestation of quarries and the safeguarding of natural site as a whole. The Agency has set up a sustainable development policy promoting energy efficiency through rational management of its resources strongly supporting the generalization of a High Environmental Quality.
Several actions were undertaken by the Agency in different areas namely:

• Liquid waste disposal
• Oulja discharge rehabilitation
• Akreuch landfill Rehabilitation
• Career Rehabilitation
• Wetlands rehabilitation
• Creation of a nursery
• green spaces landscaping and valley wooded heritage enrichment
• Wetlands preservation

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