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Key dates

Bouregreg Project presentation to His Majesty May, the 12th,2004
Bouregreg Valley Renewal Agency Renewal November, the 23th,2005
Official works launching by his majesty January, the 7th, 2006
Rabat docks and wharves shipping June 2007
Bouregreg Marina delivery March 2008
Bab El Bahr commercialization launching February the 12th, 2010
Rabat-Salé tramway technical tests launch April 2010
Signing of the agreement of the Grand Theatre in Rabat November the 5th, 2010
Royal opening of the Rabat-Salé tramway and the Hassan II Bridge May the 18th,2011
Oudayas Tunnel comissionning May the 18th,2011

Renewal global space 6 000 ha
Valley depth 15 km
Building Area 15%
Hassan II bridge height 13 m
Rabat-Salé Tramway network length 19,5 km
Oudayas tunnel length 1 km
Bab el Bahr project floor area 512 000 m²
Bouregreg Marina bed capacity 240 anneaux
Rabat quays length 240 rings
Rabat Grand Théâtre area 27 000 m²