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Land achievments

Right Bank – Salé

At the Rmel neighborhood and after the remediation of the property land base reserved for the Bab Al Bahr project, the project lands were transferred in full to the Company BAB AL BAHR DEVELOPMENT COMPANY, for a total area of ​​21.3 hectares and that, following the shareholders’ agreement.
Regarding the Cardonna area, the Agency completed the reorganization and establishment of land titles of Lots 20, 21 and 22 (Neighborhood 5) which were sold to a private investor. As for Lot 23, and after completing the registration work of the entire land base, the Agency is conducting necessary topographical operations for establishing land titles constituting this lot whose rate of progress is 90% .

Left Bank – Rabat

As part of the consolidation of lands in the area Diour Dbagh, the Agency has obtained the judgments of the transfer of ownership of plots constituting the land base of the area whose total is of ​​6971 m². Subsequently, the Agency will proceed with the registration on behalf of judgments transfer of registered properties, as well as the constitution of securities not registered.

Wessal project

Following the provisions of the Convention relating to Wessal-Bouregreg project, signed in front of His Majesty the King in May 2014, the Agency sold the company Wessal Capital 94 Ha of the overall tax base reserved for this project of an area of 109 ha, representing 86%. The rest of the land (15 ha) has been completely reorganized and is subject to a sale agreement.

City of potters :

To revitalize the City of potters and enhance its tourism potential and solve its problems, including the problem of lands that was not registered, the Agency completed the acquisition in a private arrangement of two endowments land, after its registration, of a total area of 9.5 ha and, following to the agreement signed between the Ministry of Endowments and Islamic Affairs and the Agency. In addition, the Agency has enlisted the registration requisition of land of a total area of 13 885 m² to complete the tax base of the project.

• The ring road Project

In accordance with the Contract program N°2 where the Agency is committed to mobilize the necessary land for the realization of the Ring Road No. 2, and outside the property mobilized via friendly and conventional ways, the Agency launched the procedure of land expropriation belonging to individuals with a total area of 29.5 hectares. The act of transferability allowing the Agency to initiate the legal procedure (for possession and ownership transfer) was published in the Official Bulletin.

• Zone Youssoufia

The Agency has been able to mobilize at the ZP4 – Youssoufia zone, a land base with an area of 24.5 hectares of a total of 27 ha open to urbanization and development. The remainder of the land, with an area of 2.5 hectares, is communal and it is being acquired by the Agency (notarial phase).

• Zone Chellah

In order to realize the project of the Eco-Park at the Chellah area, the Agency expropriated a land with an area of 108,822 m² knowing that the land in question knows several oppositions. In this regard, the Agency has obtained the possession of the said land while the ownership transfer request in its favor is underway.

Cette zone est réservée à un projet d’activités sportives et de loisirs, sur une superficie globale de 358 Ha
Concernant la mobilisation du foncier auprès des particuliers, l’Agence privilégie l’approche à l’amiable. Dans ce cadre, elle a acquis un terrain de 10 Ha à Salé (rive droite), qui vient s’ajouter aux 64,5 Ha qu’elle possédait déjà sur la rive gauche.
De plus, deux autres transactions sont en cours d’établissement au niveau de la rive gauche pour une superficie de plus de 2 Ha


Following the land expropriation operations necessary for implementation of various projects, the Agency continued during the year of 2015, its financial efforts to meet the expenses of judgments rendered by the Administrative Tribunal of Rabat . This transaction enabled the Agency to mobilize a property base of a total area of ​​47.8 hectares.