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Place of memory

The Bouregreg Valley is lined with historical monuments classified as aWorld Heritage. These historical landmarks depict the glorious past of the site and highlight the diversity of traditions linked to the cultural heritage of the people of Rabat and Salé.
In its approach of preserving the memory of the place, the Agency of Bouregreg works for the rehabilitation and the development of high symbolic sites and their integration into a set of urban signs that blend in with the continuity of the ‘History. Indeed, the major historical sites, concentrated in the downstream part of the valley, must be preserved and linked with each other to form over the whole of the valley a comprehensive network of remarkable places.
The Agency Bouregreg also aims to create new benchmarks that enroll in the great whole urban area, a living witness of our time.
Several actions of historic preservation has been conducted by the Agency:
• The Development of the Place Bab Mrissa
• Oudayas Rehabilitation
• Bab Al Bahr Rehabilitation
• Archaeological excavations
• Rehabilitation of Chellah
• Restoration of Historic Buildings