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Public spaces
Public renewal in Rabat quays continuity

This development will be realized in the continuity of quays on the left side of Rabat figuring at Sequence 1.
Le projet de la base nautique prévoit trois clubs nautiques, un hangar, trois restaurants sur Pilotis.
The nautical base project provides for three yacht clubs, a shed, and three restaurants overwater.
The intervention of the Agency will involve the development of public and green spaces as a continuity of the works done at the left bank quays and as a continuity of the area servicing.

Sidi Benacher place

The Sidi Benacher esplanade is the main opening of the medina on its Maritime facade and is an important breathing space for the Medina and the existing neighboring district.
The plaza consists of two entities located on either side of the line along the VP3-11 salty beach and the cemetery Sidi Benacher. It is also marked by the presence of the mausoleum Sidi Benacher.

Lighting works on the semaphore plaza

Covering an area of 4582m², this esplanade in Qasbah Oudayas northwest at the end of the Jamaa Street, is in the ZR-2 restructuring zone.
The project in question involves the supply and installation of public lighting equipment to enhance the redevelopment of the site carried out in 2013 and that, in order will provide security for residents and visitors. Works at this platform are mainly based on supply and installation works of lighting equipment.

Rabat beach

Rabat Beach Development is a continuation of the developments of the Corniche Rabat previously realized. It will aim to develop Public spaces and an upgradiong of the existing buildings, and so allow vacationers to enjoy a space suitable for the season.
The main project components are:
• An Upgrading of road networks, sanitation, drinking water and public lighting;
• A Coating of public spaces, including corridors and squares, as well as the main dike in Rabat and the bund;
• street furniture equipment (public, health showers, benches, lighting, bins, signage …)
• A Renovation of existing buildings, and building public facilities (civil protection, local police station …).