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Rabat-Sale Tramway

The Rabat-Sale tramway is now, after more than 5 years of operation, is a key urban public transportation that responds adequately to the growing demand for travel in the Agglomeration of Rabat-Salé.

Considered as one of the structural components of the waterfront development of Bouregreg, Rabat-Salé Tramway provides an appropriate response to the problem of transit through its formula combining reliability, speed, comfort and ecology. The tram ensures complementarity with the bus and taxi networks, helps preserve the environment by reducing pollution and noise, and contributes to the economic development of the town.

Inaugurated by His Majesty King Mohammed VI on 18 May 2011, the tram connects the town centers of Rabat and Salé over a length of 20 km consists of 31 stations and serves the main areas of activity: administrative centers, universities, hospitals , train and bus stations. The 2011 network has two lines that have a common core of 3 km at the Hassan II bridge:
• Line 1: Tabriket in Sale to the University Hall of Rabat;
• Line 2: Bettana in Sale to Rabat Ocean area, along the Medina.
The Tramway was confirmed as a sustainable mobility solution offering regular public transport service and quality. With about 110 000 passengers per day, it is mainly characterized by daily and recurring movements of commuting and home-education locations. Furthermore, by joining the two banks, the tram has strengthened social cohesion between Salé and Rabat inhabitants.
The tramway network Rabat Salé recorded since its start more than 100 million trips.
• Attendance in 2015 is around 32 million trips.
• The daily attendance this first half of 2015 reached 110,000 passengers, of which 40% are subscribers. The network now has 18 000 active subscribers, from whom 60% are students.

Extensions of the existing network and the construction of two additional lines connecting the centers of Rabat and Salé and Akreuch Sala Al Jadida, are planned in the medium term.

The tram construction works were launched by the Agency of Bouregreg in first quarter of 2007, in partnership with the Urban Community of Rabat and Salé, for an investment budget of 3.5 billion dirhams TTC.

The Society of Rabat-Salé Tramway (STRS), a subsidiary of the Bouregreg Agency, ensures the project management of the operation and its operating indirectly through the company Transdev.