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After 10 years of great achievements and projects that have shaped the urban landscape of both banks and highlighted the potential of the entire valley Bouregreg Agency enters a new phase, where cultural and sportive equipment represent an important focus in such an ambitious program.
Today the strategy of Bouregreg Agency in terms of renewal is to create centers of cultural interest and entertainment such as the Grand Theatre in Rabat to reconcile the citizens with their valley.
Among these poles of attraction, sport equipments are the backbone of this second phase of renewal, as long as sport is considered to be an individual and social factor of cohesion.
Thus, the strengthening of sportive infrastructures programmed by the Bouregreg Agency that consists on the construction of sport areas dedicated to racing, tennis, climbing and also football stadiums, swimming pools, skatepark, Ecopark … will benefit primarily the youth of Rabat and Sale, but also to families who will find spaces for sport and leisure for their outdoor activities.


The Culeé creuse of the Hassan II bridge is a space with a surface of about 7000 m² located on the banks of the left bank of the Bouregreg
River, on the border between the sequences 1 and 2 of the project. The renewal works are to create a sports area with a surface of
about 3500 m² comprising:
• An administration
• Changing rooms;
• storage of sports equipment;
• A Cafeteria ;
• A Sports area:
• A jogging track;
• An area dedicated to combat sports such as grappling and the Brazilian;
• An area dedicated to table tennis;
• An area dedicated to climbing and plyometric;
• An area dedicated to street-ball;
• An area dedicated to boxing
• An area dedicated to the martial arts;
• An area dedicated to badminton


Located on the left bank of the Bouregreg below Chellah, all along the humid zone, the Eco park is to create a space that extends over a land base of approximately 36 hectares for a population seeking full air in a natural environment that combines discovery and relaxation, and promotes citizen action and environmental awareness.
Indeed, the aim of the agnecy is to achieve harmonious arrangements, that would respect the natural balance of the place while creating a as the same time its development.To this end, the Agency wishes among other things, to achieve:
• Renewal in a rustic spirit, where relaxation, walking, running and mountain biking are honored (fitness trail, spaces dedicated to the
development of motor skills of children …);
• a renewal that will enhance the humid zone including the flora and fauna that it contains (path on stilts, observation points,
interpretation points);
• A landscaping that combines forest spaces with ornamental ones in order to enhance the natural identity of places.
• A renewal that highlights the particular avian fauna (observation points, artificial habitats …)


The project involves the construction of a concrete skate park in an area of 1750 m², located in Sale, at the sequence 1 of the renewal ofthe Bouregreg Valley. It is decomposed into different trays (Ditch) connected by inclined planes and curved shapes (Bowl).

The skate park project is intended for users of skateboards or “skate” , “rollers” and “Bmx” bikes .


The project involves the realization of sports equipment on the right bank of the sequence 1 of the project ;

These sports equipment include three open air swimming pools :
• An Olympic pool of 50 x 25 m with a depth of 2 m;
• A semi-Olympic pool of 25 x 12.5 m with a depth of 2 m;
• A children’s pool of 50 m² with a depth ranging from 0.40m to0.60m;

The project also includes the realization of a sports club on an area of 2630 m² comprising: a club house, café, restaurant, administrative offices, changing rooms and green spaces.

Sport center of salé

The project of the sports center of the sequence 3 of the renewal of Bouregreg valley consists on the creation of a set of sports spaces primarily mini soccer fields with synthetic grass.

Located on the right bank of the sequence 3, near the City of Oulja potters, the sports center covers an area of ​​3.8 ha including 510m² covered. This sports center is primarily designed for the youth of Moulay Ismail and Quariat Ouled Moussa neighborhoods will eventually be served by the future parkway and the bypass No. 2 linking Rabat-Sale airport to the Avenue Mohammed VI in Rabat.

The sports center consists of :
• Six (6) mini soccer fields with synthetic grass of the type “Fiels Turf” of 20m x40 m;
• One (1) multisport ground;
• One (1) Skate park of 1482 m²;
• One (1) parking with a capacity of 202 seats;
• One (1) walking path for walking and foot race;
• Changing rooms / toilets
• One (1) play area for children ;
• AN administrative space;
• One (1) Cafeteria;
• A storage space .