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The special development plan

The planning area of the Bouregreg Valley is spread over an area of 6000 hectares, and extends from the estuary of the Bouregreg river to the dam Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdallah, to a depth of 15 kilometers.
The specifics of the Bouregreg valley, its landscape, its history, its vulnerability and its sensitivity place forward the action of its urbanization in the rank of “extraordinary“projects.
So, legally, the 16-04 law has established a qualified Special Features Map (PAS), which has special features that enable different stakeholders to better achieve the agreed targets. This is a legal document that defines the vocations and land use regulations, easements and other obligations for an orderly and coherent development of the valley.
The declaration of public utility of the PAS has elevated its level of efficiency. In addition the law makes the PAS a document whose provisions supersede and replace any provision contained in previous documents.
In terms of content, the design of the PAS is characterized by a global vision that incorporates both of the landscape aspect and the purely technical factors such as public transport, drainage of rainwater and the minimum threshold for the ribs to respect the establishment of “water off” of land to urbanize.

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