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Urban rehabilitation
The renovation of the semaphore place and its warehouse –MY El Yazid- Oudayas Qasbah

The Semaphore’s Place is one of the most important historical places of the entire city of Bouregreg estuary in general and of Qasbah Oudayas.
in particular.
It represented the North West corner of the Almohad Kasbah (formerly named El Mehdia). It was conducted in the 18th century at the time of Sidi Mohammed Ben Abdellah in the redevelopment of military architecture of the coastal defensive line on the Atlantic Rabat Salé.
This place, with its boundary walls were achieved at the same time with the six Sqalas of the coastline of the estuary. Subsequently, the Sultan My El Yazid built in 1790 a warehouse that bears his name, an Alaouite military flagship building that has for function to contain the military equipment of the place.
Une partie de la rénovation qui a été effectuée porte notamment sur le revêtement au sol (traitement en terre stabilisée et joints en carreaux de Shoul), la réhabilitation des escaliers et du mobilier urbain et la pose de bancs public.
Actuellement, la mise en place d’un éclairage public permettant la mise en lumière du site (spots au sol, luminaires, consoles murales), la pose de plaques signalétiques, de mobilier urbain, et de corbeilles de propreté sont en cours.
A Part of the renovation that was done is the floor covering (stabilized earth processing and seals tiles of Shoul), stairs rehabilitation, street furniture and the installation of public benches.
Currently, the establishment of a public lighting of the site (ground spots, fixtures, wall brackets), laying nameplates, street furniture and litter bins are ongoing.

Salé’s Medina rehabilitation prosecution

The Bouregreg Agency launched in late 2014, a study for the restoration and enhancement of the maritime façade of Salé. This study aimed to determine the mode of restoration and reinforcement of these 3 heritage structures : Borj Errouikni, Eddoumoue and El Ouasti. New features of the 3 scalas were also the subject of the study.
This coastline is located nearby the old maritime wall of the 13th century, performed simultaneously with the salty river frontage of Salé. It is also made of the new Alawite wall of Sidi Abdellah Ben Md built since the 18th century contemporary with the realization of 3 current scalas which are important military defensive elements for sea side protection of the Salé’s Médina.


• The consolidation of the tenure and the regularization of the legal situation through the implementation of a subdivision plan which allows tenants access to ownership of the lots;
• The protection of the area against floods, the repair of VRD existing networks and the completion of the addition of the VRD networks;
• The development of public spaces and green areas.
• Footpaths treatment and tour routes implementation .